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Falk Foundation

Organizational Mission:

The Falk Foundation works to achieve a tolerant, just and inclusive society by reforming racially discriminatory policies and practices, promoting inclusion, increasing access to opportunity, and ensuring fair allocation of public resources.

Human Rights Program Mission

Grantmaking Information
Activities Supported:
Community Organizing
Learning, Training, and Events/Activities
New Media and Technology
Research and Publications
Capacity Building and Technical Assistance
Geographic Focus:
North America
Areas of human rights funding:
Children and Youth
Right to Democracy and Civic Participation
Racial and Ethnic Minorities
Housing Rights
Right to Education
Right to Development
Legal justice and systems
Labor and Worker Rights
How to apply:


The Falk Foundation supports proposals for:

  • Examining the root causes of injustice through academic research
  • Educating the public and policymakers about equity issues
  • Designing approaches for the prevention of injustice
  • Implementing practices that promote equal access and opportunity


Application Process

For consideration, please submit an initial 1-2 page letter of inquiry describing the purpose of the project and the amount requested. They accept letters of inquiry at any time throughout the year. Usually within two weeks of submission, they will respond either with a declination or an invitation to submit a full proposal. For full proposals, they accept the Common Grant Application Format. Please also include a Diversity Table with your application. For further details please visit their website.


Categories of Grants: 

  • Innovation and Development Grants - up to $2,500, can be awarded at any time during the year, approximately within 3 weeks from the time of proposal submission. These small flexible grants are intended to be highly responsive to current events and provide seed funding for short-term activities.
  • Major Grants - for amounts over $2,500, these grants must be approved by the Board of Trustees at one of the twice-yearly Board meetings. The Autumn deadline is October 1st and the Spring deadline is March 1st. Multi-year requests may be considered and must include clear goals and benchmarks listed for each year of the proposed funding.
Organization Information
3315 Grant Building
Contact Information
Contact Name:
Kerry O'Donnell
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