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Fund for Global Human Rights

Organizational Mission:

Securing basic dignity and freedom for people worldwide requires that front-line organizations challenge abuse wherever it occurs. The Fund finds and funds local human rights heroes who often work at great personal risk to strengthen and bring global attention to their struggles.

Thus the Fund for Global Human Rights works to ensure strong, effective human rights communities worldwide.

Human Rights Program Mission

Grantmaking Information
Activities Supported:
Capacity Building and Technical Assistance
Community Organizing
Learning, Training, and Events/Activities
Geographic Focus:
Latin America
Middle East and North Africa
Sub Saharan Africa
Southeast Asia
South Asia
Areas of human rights funding:
Children and Youth
Indigenous Peoples
Labor and Worker Rights
Land Rights
Racial and Ethnic Minorities
Refugees, Asylum Seekers and Internally Displaced Persons
Environmental Rights
Right to Education
Right to Development
Human Rights Defenders
Corporate Accountability
How to apply:

Currently the Fund makes grants to human rights organizations based in the following countries: Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, India, Pakistan, Mexico, Guatemala, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Guinea, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Uganda, Burundi, Thailand, and the Philippines. The Fund aims to provide funding for human rights organizations over the longer term.  To that end, they maintain a long-term focus on specific countries and regions where we believe strategic grant-making can make a difference in advancing human rights protections over time.


The Fund encourages applications from organizations that:

  • Demonstrate leadership, innovative approaches, and significant long-term potential to have an impact on policy at the local or national level.
  • Demonstrate organizational commitment to human rights.
  • Whose activities involve and/or are led by the beneficiaries.
  • Are interested in building relationships with other human rights organizations.

In all countries, women-led human rights organizations are strongly encouraged to apply.


Please refer to the Fund's website for their current position of accepting applications.

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+ 1 (202) 347-7488
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