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New Israel Fund (NIF)

Organizational Mission:

The New Israel Fund (NIF) is the leading organization committed to equality and democracy for all Israelis. It is a partnership of Israelis and supporters of Israel worldwide, dedicated to a vision of Israel as both the Jewish homeland and a shared society at peace with itself and its neighbors. NIF strengthens organizations and leaders that work to achieve equality for all citizens of the state; realize the civil and human rights of all, including Arab citizens of Israel; recognize and reinforce the essential pluralism of Israeli society; and empower groups on the economic margins of Israeli society.

Human Rights Program Mission

NIF's Peace and Human Rights Program aims to ensure the protection of human rights for everyone under Israel's jurisdiction. NIF and its grantees work to advance laws protecting human rights; create public awareness of human rights violations and mobilize support for the enforcement of relevant laws; advance human rights education in schools and other frameworks; make legal, legislative and administrative remedies available to victims of human rights abuses; and develop Israel’s civil and human rights bar, thus ensuring that these populations will have a voice. NIF supports work to (1) protect and monitor the human rights of Palestinians in the occupied territories vis-à-vis Israeli institutions (the IDF, Israeli Military Police, the Israeli civil administration) and individuals (2) protect the rights of migrant workers and combat human trafficking (3) protect the human rights of refugees and detained asylum-seekers.

(Additionally, NIF works to advance the human rights of all citizens of Israel including minority rights, women’s rights, health rights, disability rights, prisoners rights etc.)
Grantmaking Information
Activities Supported:
Capacity Building and Technical Assistance
Learning, Training, and Events/Activities
Community Organizing
Documentation, Monitoring, and Reporting
Geographic Focus:
Middle East and North Africa
Areas of human rights funding:
Freedom of Religion and Conscience
Environmental Rights
Immigrant Rights
Children and Youth
Right to Democracy and Civic Participation
Disability Rights
Freedom from Torture & Degrading Treatment
Freedom of Association and Expression
Housing Rights
Human Rights Defenders
Human Trafficking and Slavery
Labor and Worker Rights
Land Rights
Legal justice and systems
Peace and Security
Prisoners and Detainees
Racial and Ethnic Minorities
Refugees, Asylum Seekers and Internally Displaced Persons
Reproductive Rights and Sexual Health
Right to Education
Right to Food
Right to Health
Right to Water and Sanitation
Transparency and Right to Information
How to apply:
NIF supports Israeli NGOs working in the areas of human and civil rights, social and economic justice, and religious and cultural pluralism. Potential grantee organizations (1) must be registered as an "amuta" (NGO) with the Israel Ministry of the Interior (or be in the process of registration), (2) cannot be partisan or governmental, and (3) must work in social change. Please visit our website for application guidelines and process, as well as information on calls for specific grant applications: www.nif.org.il/grants
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