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Rachel E. Golden Foundation

Organizational Mission:

The  Rachel E Golden Foundation seeks to change the current paradigm from efficiency and unrestrained economic growth to sufficiency and resiliency by working with communities and grassroots groups to encourage awareness, social learning, and experimentation that increase options and well being.   The Foundation also seeks to replace fear with confidence, flexibility, and self reliance, in particular for people and communities which are most at risk in the complex and turbulent world in which we live.     It does this by looking for opportunities where a small grant, targeted at leverage points or critical factors impeding progress, can make a difference.  

Human Rights Program Mission

The mission of the Rachel E Golden Foundation is to change systems and to shift mindsets and lifestyles in ways that promote the sustainability, health, and happiness of humans and nature as well as achieve greater equity, economic, social, and politic.   Preservation of traditional communities and traditional knowledge is of particular interest to the Foundation.

Grantmaking Information
Activities Supported:
Capacity Building and Technical Assistance
Learning, Training, and Events/Activities
Documentation, Monitoring, and Reporting
Research and Publications
Geographic Focus:
North America
East Asia
Latin America
Areas of human rights funding:
Indigenous Peoples
Environmental Rights
Right to Development
Right to Food
Children and Youth
How to apply:

The Rachel E. Golden Foundation focuses its work in the Arctic region (Eastern Russia, Western part of Alaska and Canada) and Mexico. The focus is on agriculture, access to food, mining practices, developing social networks to share and learning, and strengthening economic, social and cultural rights.  They do not accept unsolicited proposals.

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Rachel Golden
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